The Relationship Between Crime and Drugs

This cannot be any more surprising:

There is an established link between crime and drugs. It is well known that a person who does drugs habitually can have altered thinking and behavior and one that can definitely lead him to the pangs of crime.

There have been numerous instances when I was voluntarily working with the OntarioDrugRehabs where I came across stories of youngsters there who became criminals under the influence of the drug that they were doing or stumbled into the world of crime because they wanted to fund their drugs.

The national institute of drug abuse has categorically stated four main categories of association of drugs and crime. They are

  1. An offense where the person is found in possession of the drugs;
  2. An offense that the person commits because he wants to buy the drugs
  3. Offenses where the influence of the drug may drive such addict to commit a crime
  4. Offenses relating to the addict having an association with other criminals and addicts.

The statistics are grim and self-explanatory:

In some of the states, sixty percent of the correctional population and inmates at the rehab centers are those who have been caught with either drug possession or on repeat counts of doing recreational drugs. Most of the inmates who leave the place have a relapse in a period of fewer than twenty-four months and are either back to the rehab or become criminals with smaller gangs to fund their addiction.

The vicious cycle between poverty and crime and addiction:

A large number of youngsters turn to the dangerous world of crime because they want to fund their drug adventures but do not have the means to. The worst of crimes are those where they turn to drug peddling, drug smuggling, theft, burglary, and even prostitution.

There is an established link between the two and there is no denying that one definitely leads to the other and not in any particular order.…