Legal Differences: Living Together & Marriage

Our marriage is one of those responsibilities that we all love to live up to and enjoy in the happiest way. We put in great efforts and time to ensure that all the problems get sorted as soon as possible and we live a content life with our life partner. This whole concept is good for us and has a very positive impact on our children as well. Being surrounded in a happy environment gives a chance to the children to learn the importance of relations and how to nurture them in different ways to maintain the closeness.

However, at times we think of sharing the same relation and time with the person we love without getting married to each other. We live a normal life just like a married our; we stay together, eat together, and share all those things that are generally shared between a man and wife. Though, there still remain many differences between getting married and just living together in terms of legalities. There are many of us who wonder what would be the legal difference between living together and marriage. Want to explore the difference? Read below.

The legal difference between living together and marriage

Some of the main differences between just living together and being a married couple under the legal niche include-

  • As a married couple, the wife has legal rights on half the property owned by the husband. However, in the case of living in, the woman cannot oppress any rights on the property.

  • Marriage needs to be registered under the law in many countries but you are free to move in with your partner without getting into any such agreement.

  • The partner earning higher income has the responsibility of providing money at home for daily needs. However, in the case of living in, there are no such obligations and rules.

  • If marriage comes to an end, it has to be done legally on papers but one can move out any time from a living in a relationship if things are not working out at any time.

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