The Best Tips to Avoid a Lawsuit When Firing an Employee

Firing the employee has an emotional and personal impact on the employee. In today’s legal world, the wrongful termination suit filed by an unhappy former employee could cause organization significantly with regard to legal costs. There are hundreds of suits getting filed under wrongful termination and you could know more about it in In order to avoid getting filed with wrongful termination, one can follow the below-mentioned tips.

Know the law- the First step in avoiding the lawsuits regarding wrongful termination understands the law regarding employee termination. Every manager in the company who has the power to terminate an employee should have the basic understanding of federal and state laws.  It will allow the managers to spot the potential risk and address it quickly.

Have a clear-cut termination procedure- The best way to prevent the claims is to create a clear procedure for firing the employee. The termination procedures would include:

  • Planned agenda for conducting termination meeting wherein the witness would be present
  • Standard documentation forms
  • Conduct an exit interview with the human resource personnel
  • Plans on how immediately the employees (terminated) access to the organization files and property can be denied
  • The procedure through which the employee would receive their last paycheck
  • Policies on how and when the fired employee could collect their personal belongings

Document everything- Effective human resource personnel and managers will know about the importance of maintaining the detailed paper trail on every employee. It is quite important especially when you have to deal with the fired employees.  Most of the cases, the documentation maintained by the manager would be the only evidence which could be used at the trial.  Without the proper documentation, it is just a war of words which leaves the court to decide who would be more credible.