Top 5 Ways To Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Swept under the carpet?

It can be because of the stigma attached to it or the fear underlying of the partner’s violent behavior but whatever it is, in spite of the society coming so much forward with girls and women being educated and so ambitious, what happens behind the closed doors can stay behind conveniently unless the victims themselves shout and are heard.

You can leave behind your complaints clandestinely and your identity will be kept a secret if you log on to various help sites such as The organizations such as this that strive to bring about equality in the society will counsel the victims and also help them with any free professional help if they so require.

I particularly remember this incident where the woman’s boyfriend was beating her black and blue every day and she pretended to the outside world that everything was going well for them. She did not leave her house for fear that relatives, friends, and acquaintances would ask her about her bruises. But then one day, it got to her and she began seeking help first secretly then openly.

Here are the ways in which you can help a victim if you find yourself face to face with one:

1. Looking for the tell-tale signs is definitely the first step in this direction. You can effectively blow the whistle on your friend’s condition if you find unexplained bruises on her and she trying to cover them up in front of her partner.

2. Financial dependence and anxiety in his/her presence can also point in that direction. Reporting domestic violence becomes your duty even if done anonymously over the phone but please take the initiative.

3. Ask them the questions may be a daunting task for you. You may think it is not your business to meddle with someone’s private life but if you think that you have a reason to believe that the person is being abused, do take a call however difficult and talk. It could mean a lot of trashing or verbal abuse from the victim but please be persistent. You may annoy her but in the end, she is bound to understand that you are her/his well-wisher.

4. Don’t berate their feelings. This is so important. Let’s say someone confides in you about their abuse, do not ever try to berate the actions or tell them things like they are just imagining the abuse.

5. If you cannot handle it please do them a favor and put them on to a counselor or the police who can empathize and help at least.