Top Reasons to Speak with an Expert Family Law Solicitor

Family law covers a vast array of aspects. A lot of people mistakenly assume that family law covers only divorces, but there are many issues that a family lawyer can help out with. Family lawyer Oakville is just one such enterprise that can help you get some perspective on certain pressing family issues.

If you are still unclear about what a family law solicitor does exactly, here are some reasons that people consult a lawyer for family matters:

  • Divorce / legal separation: whether it is a conscious uncoupling a la Gwyneth Paltrow, or an acrimonious divorce, a family lawyer’s advice is needed. A good lawyer can get you the best divorce agreement that is in your best interests. Be it financial agreements, the custody of children, or division of assets, a good family lawyer can help you sort out the most complex issues pertaining to your divorce with no major damage done to both parties.
  • Child custody: this is by far the worst aspect of a divorce of a couple who have children. However, it gets complex if the couple has children from previous marriages, or are fostering children. A good solicitor will help you handle the best and worst aspects of it all.
  • Adoption: If you are a single parent or a couple looking to adopt a child, a good family lawyer will be able to present your case in court and help you work with the social worker to help you process your application and paperwork.
  • Domestic abuse from a partner: while this might seem like a cut and dried issue on the surface, this issue often involves a lot of complex situations. It is a he-said-she-said kind of situation, and in the absence of any kind of evidence and witnesses, can get hard to fight in court. A family lawyer can help a victim sort out the legalities of how to file a case and also fight it and get justice.