Top Reasons You Should Talk To An Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer is someone who can help you with any visa or work permit issues you may have. In a country like Canada, where the immigration laws are tough, it is important to have a good immigration lawyer Toronto on your side who can help you navigate difficult situations.

If you aren’t convinced about hiring an immigration lawyer, here are the top reasons you should talk to an immigration lawyer:

  1. Needing Discretionary Relief: A lot of immigrants in the US and Canada are on spouse dependent visas. So, if they are subject to the domestic violence of any kind, it will be difficult for them to get any kind of help because their visas will be compromised. In this instance, hiring an immigration lawyer will help you handle the situation and place restrictions on a problem spouse.
  2. Processing your documentation faster: some immigrants are in the country on a visa for a limited amount of time. If they need to extend their stay, an immigration lawyer will be able to help them process their paperwork quicker, thereby preventing the need to leave the country and coming back again.
  3. Being Inadmissible: The immigration authorities could term a person inadmissible for any number of reasons. People from third world countries who aren’t being vaccinated, for instance, won’t be allowed entry. An immigration lawyer in this instance will be of great help.
  4. Denied application: A visa application’s acceptance or denial depends on the person processing it. If you believe that there is no reason preventing you from entering the country, then, getting in touch with an immigration lawyer will help you immensely.
  5. Deportation notices: A legal immigrant in the country has no need to fear any kind of crackdown from authorities. However, if you have a deportation notice, then, an immigration lawyer can help you sort out your issues with the authorities.