US gun control laws: Who Can Own a Gun in America? (2019)

US gun control laws have become very much lenient. Owning a gun in the US is now simpler than ever before. Even though the previous government did talk about bans on the guns there have been new dimensions given to the ownership. The increased mass shooting incidents were cited as the main reason for the ban on the ownership of the guns. But this again was used as the grounds for increasing the ease of ownership of the guns so that people would be able to work on their self-defense.

From range bag reviews 2019 to the reviews about the best guns, gun safes and holsters finding information about anything and everything is easy on the internet. So more and more people are now able to find information about guns and also find legal stores for buying them. There are some states that are more lenient than the others in terms of owning and carrying a gun.

Background verification for ownership

Stricter background checks are given as the solution to prevent the mishaps caused by permitting citizens to purchase a gun. This would ensure that criminals do not gain access to firearms legally. But there are still gun trafficking channels from which they do get their hands on guns. Then comes the laws on carrying the gun. Not many states have imposed a ban on carrying a gun. There are details about carrying them open or concealed.

There have been more than a 100 proposals for the ownership and the carrying of the guns in the US. California has increased the age requirement for gun ownership to 21 effective from the year 2019. Domestic abusers, as well as stalkers, would not be able to buy guns in Oregon. When someone is found to be suicidal or a threat to others the person’s gun can be seized in Illinois. On the national level bump stocks have been banned.